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BPS 2020

Ibraheem wins the Student Research Achievement Award

  • May 2020: Ibraheem, Dr. Mahdi Moosa, and Dr. Priya Banerjee received word that their work with the Potoyan group at Iowa State University on ordered hollow condensates has been accepted for publication in PNAS!
  • Liz accepted to Cornell for her graduate studies, starting in Fall 2020! Congratulations Liz! She also will have the Dean’s Excellence Fellowship — this fellowship helps encourage diversity among Cornell’s graduate community & will completely fund her through her 1st year of studies.
  • Hannah won the Goldwater Scholarship in Spring 2019 — more from her on this achievement here.

Dr. Priya Banerjee gave a webinar, hosted by LUMICKS via zoom, on Liquid-liquid Phase Transition of Intrinsically Disordered RNA-binding Proteins:

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